Donnerstag • 23.03.2017 • 20:00 Uhr 

MIA ZABELKA (AUSTRIA) - violin, electronics, voice
PEDRO GONZÁLES FERNANDEZ (SPAIN / Hamburg) - violin, electronics


MIA ZABELKA - violin, voice

Mia Zabelka is an Austrian contemporary classical composer and sound artist as well as an amazing improvising violinist and vocalist. She has collaborated with a string of exiting artists including John Zorn, Lydia Lunch, Peter Kowald, Phil Minton, Fred Frith,Josef Klammer, Electric Indigo, Joelle Leandre, Carlos Zingaro, Maggie Nicols, John Russell and David Moss.She works with acoustic and electric violin, voice, electronic devices, contact mics and laptop. She has lived and worked in Vienna, Berlin, New York, Cologne and South Styria.Mia Zabelka’s first solo album „M“, released on Monotype Records (Poland) received many enthusiastic reviews from all over the world. Her new solo album “M2” will be released in winter 2016. “M is above all a particularly vibrant masterpiece of experimental music”, The Milkman (UK); “Highly inventive work from the Austrian violinist Mia Zabelka on her M” , The SoundProjector Magazine (UK); “Mia has an outstanding ability to make her instrument(s) speak to the audience, telling beautiful, fascinating and thrilling stories that won’t leave us unmoved. If you achieve this, apart from virtuosity, you are a great artist indeed. The letter M stands for masterful, magical, mesmerizing.“ Caleidoscoop (NL).


Pedro González Fernandez - violin

Pedro González is a violinist, composer and improviser from Spain. During the two last years he has been focusing his activity on the creation of multidisciplinary pieces; performing contemporary repertoire and improvised music using electronics and video, exploring the possibilities of his instrument and the relationship between music and other arts.Pedro started his musical studies at “Conservatorio Profesional de Música de Vigo” studying with Marta Vélez, Marcos Escobar and Mario Péris. He completed his Bachelor degree at ESMUC (Escola Superior de Música de Catalunya) studying with Kai Gleusteen, Tatiana Aleshinsky and Abel Tomas (Cuarteto Casals). While in Barcelona, Pedro got in contact with the world of improvisation, electronics, video art, art performance and theatre. He studied composition with Helena Tulve, electroacustic composition with Scott Miller, Bill Brunson and Mattias Skold and composition for film with Arnau Battaller. He has been taught about improvisation by Agustí Fernández, Richard Barret, Liba Vilavecchia, Anto Pett, Anne-Liis Poll and Taavi Kerikmae.He has played with orchestras such as the OCV, the OJSG and the “Orquesta Vigo 430” with which he recorded two albums. He has collaborated with “Orquesta Sinfónica de Galicia” in festivals such as "La Noche de las Velas” and “La Quincena musical” and he has developed a concert activity both solo and in different chamber groups: Dúo Noah (Classical), GAO (Contemporary Improvisation), Blau Vagalume (Traditional Music) and Nox Trio, with whom he has won the first prize in “Fundacion Arjau competition”. Currently he finished the European Master program CoPeCo, Contemporary Performance and Composition, for 8 interpreters and composers from all around the world, studying and playing in several European cites: Tallinn, Stockholm, Lyon and Hamburg.

Freitag • 24.03.2017 • 20:00 Uhr

ALBIN VESTERBERG (SWEDEN / Hamburg) - guitar
GUSTAV  BROMAN (SWEDEN / Hamburg) - acoustic bass guitar



Albin Vesterberg (born in 1992 in Umea, Sweden) is a Swedish jazz guitar player currently living in Hamburg.
He started playing guitar around the age of 10 after his mother showed him a few chords on the guitar to which he felt an instant connection.

After finishing his Bachelor studies in 2016 at the Royal College of Music in Stockholm with one exchange semester at the Paris Conservatory he moved to Hamburg for Master studies at the Dr. Langner Jazz Master.

He is currently working in numerous constellations ranging from jazz manouchè to improvised music


GUSTAV BROMAN - acoustic bass guitar

Gustav Broman (b. 1992) is a Sweden born bass player in contemporary jazz.
Inspired by symmetrical expressionism and vulnerability in music and in painting he is searching for a better understanding about improvisation and personality.
Currently living in Germany, Gustav is studying at the Dr. Langner Jazz Master program in Hamburg and working as a freelance bass player in various constellations.
In his free time Gustav enjoys the beautiful game of ice hockey, shower singing and long family dinners. 

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