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performances & events 2018

September (13-14) - Concepts of Improvisation - workshop - Music Academy of Rovigo (IT) 
September 07-09  - Barre Phillips’ European Improvisation Center: Euro Encounter #3 - meeting - Puget Ville (FR)  -> link
September 07-09 - Film Premiere VORN - film music - Hamburg, #INDIEMAGDAY 
July 04 - ENSEMBLE FREE IMPROVISATION - concert / HfMT ensemble night - Hamburg, Theater im Zimmer
July 02 - BROMAN, VESTERBERG + KUČAN - MA concert - Hamburg, Theater im Zimmer
June 24 - THE ART OF IMPROVISATION - festival concert evening - Hamburg, Resonanzraum St. Pauli -> link 
June 04 - AHMAD, EISENBREY, GRIENER, KUČAN, MEYER - concert - Hamburg, Hafenbahnhof  -> link 
May 18 - HCL-ENSEMBLE featuring VLATKO KUČAN - concert - Oldenburg, Wilhelm 13
May 14 - ENSEMBLE FREE IMPROVISATION - concert / HfMT ensemble night - Hamburg, Theater im Zimmer
April 12/17 - Der Kaufman von Venedig - theater performance - Deutsches Schauspielhaus Hamburg
March 02/11/21 - Der Kaufman von Venedig - theater performance - Deutsches Schauspielhaus Hamburg
February 23/25/28 - Der Kaufman von Venedig - theater performance - Deutsches Schauspielhaus Hamburg
February 14 - ENSEMBLE FREE IMPROVISATION - concert / HfMT ensemble night - Hamburg, Theater im Zimmer 
February 03 - Der Kaufman von Venedig - theater performance - Deutsches Schauspielhaus Hamburg 
January 27/31 - Der Kaufman von Venedig - opening night / theater performance - Deutsches Schauspielhaus Hamburg -> link
January 24 - VESTERBERG, STACKENÄS, KUČAN, BROMAN - concert - Hamburg, FatJazz
January 22 - VESTERBERG, STACKENÄS, KUČAN, BROMAN - concert - Hamburg, Hafenbahnhof
January 03 - Valentin - theater performance - Deutsches Schauspielhaus Hamburg  -> link


Vlatko Kučan (b. 1963 Sarajevo, Ex-Yugoslavia) studied popular music, jazz and music therapy at the Hochschule für Musik und Theater in Hamburg.
He works as a musician (instruments: saxophones and clarinets), composer, producer, music therapist and educator.
His various works focus and explore the possibilities of artistic expression through the art of improvisation. They cross and extend traditional boundaries of contemporary music, jazz, improvised music, theatre and film music. Another focus of Kucan’s work is the combination of literature, philosophy and music. He also works as a director for radio plays and audio books.
He performed and collaborated with leading protagonists of contemporary jazz (i.e. Carla Bley, Lester Bowie, Anthony Braxton, Marion Brown, Bill Elgart, Dieter Glawischnig, Howard Johnson, Jay Oliver, Barre Philips, Tomasz Stanko, Steve Swallow, Kenny Wollesen) and improvised music (i.e. Derek Bailey, Malcolm Goldstein, Barry Guy, Aleksander Kolkowski, Jim Menesses, Rajesh Mehta, Maggie Nichols, Mia Zabelka).
His theatre collaborations include directors Karin Beier, Michael Bogdanov, Herbert Fritsch, Brian Michaels, Robert Wilson and musicians Tom Waits, Lester Bowie and Giora Feidman.
His works on literature and music include productions based on texts by Friedrich Nietzsche, Ludwig Wittgenstein, Charles Baudelaire, Anne Sexton and Mascha Kaleko and collaborations with various actors (i.e. Christian Brückner, Hannelore Elsner, Corinna Harfouch, Susanne Lothar, Dietmar Mues, Barbara Nüsse, Christian Redl, Lars Rudolph, Hanna Schygulla, Otto Sander, Ulrich Tukur, Ulrich Wildgruber) and authors (i.e. Peter Handke, Siri Hustvedt, Hellmuth Karasek, Siegfried Lenz, Benjamin Lebert, Helmut Schmidt).

academic work & teaching

Vlatko Kučan is teaching Improvisation at the Hochschule für Musik und Theater (HfMT) in Hamburg, Germany at the Jazz department BA and MA programs and the Contemporary Performance and Composition (CoPeCo) MA program. Starting in 2018 he will also be the head of the new Studio for Polystilistic Improvisation and Interdisciplinary Crossover (SPIIC). He has been a visiting artist and lecturer and has held workshops on Improvisation at international academic institutions. In his private teaching he has developed a concept of combining Improvisation training, traditional musical training and theory with psychoanalytical approaches from music therapy to help his students to develop and achieve their creative visions and to understand and overcome personal obstructions. 


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From 2015 - 2017 Vlatko Kučan has been curating the concert series SoloSoloDuo-Impromptu with over sixty concerts during that time period. Since December 2017 he is curating a new series THE ART OF IMPROVISATION with two big festival concert evenings per year that feature international guests together with the IMPROMPTU.WORKS ENSEMBLE - a group of young musicians from different countries under Kučan’s leadership. All these concerts initiate and stage collaborations between musicians and artists from different musical and artistic backgrounds - such as new jazz, contemporary music and improvised music etc. - based on improvisation. The goal of these concerts is to explore new ways of interdisciplinary collaboration and to promote the discourse on improvisation as an artistic practice as well as in its social and political aspects and implications.  -> more

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